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Integral Cams Profiles
Rescued from Integral Cams' now-defunct website.


Cam Profile

Seat Duration, .015"

.050" Duration

Cam Lift*

Stock 046 cam




Improved Stock




Stage 1




Stage 2




Stage 3




Stage 4





Cam Profile

Seat Duration, .015"

.050" Duration

Cam Lift*

Stock 046 cam




Stage 1




Stage 2




Stage 3




Stage 4




* gross cam lift with zero valve lash.

All of the Turbo cam specs are listed as "intake/exhaust".

The normally aspirated (N.A.) Improved Stock cam is designed to be a mild warm-up over the original stock cam.  It is intended to be a replacement for the stock cam when someone just wants a really nice running stock motor.  A more modern cam design technique enables better valve control at higher rpms.  Additionally, the slight increase in area under the curve also gives some extra performance over the stock cam.  The idle quality is identical to the stock cam since there is such a small difference in seat duration.

The Stage 1 cams are a hot street performance grind.  There is no loss in low end torque with most of the gain in the mid-range thru top range RPMs. Since it is ground on a new billet, it bolts in just like a stock cam.**

The Stage 2 cams are designed for an engine that has a free flow exhaust system.  There is a slight loss in low end torque but a bigger gain in mid-range and top end power.

The Stage 3 cams are designed for an engine that is driven on the street and also used for club race events.  The large gain in mid-range and top end power to 7200 rpm make it ideal for road racing.  This cam is intended for modified engines running higher levels of boost and that are driven hard and spend most of their time in the 4500-7200 rpm range.

The Stage 4 cams are designed for race only use.

**Ideola's Note: MegaCycle Cams has purchased the intellectual property from Integral Cams, and do NOT grind cams on new billet. Rather, they use a weld-and-regrind method to preserve the original cam circle. Consequently, (and unlike the cheap regrinds available from WebCam and others), the MegaCycle hard-faced cams bolt in just like your stock cam, without requiring lash caps like the cheap regrinds of old camshaft cores. Ideola's Garage is the exclusive reseller of Integral Cams' 924 profiles through MegaCycle.

Break-in Procedure

Set the initial cold valve lash at .011" intake / .011" exhaust. After the initial break-in period is over (see below), check the hot valve lash. Allow the motor to cool down and then adjust the cold lash by your measured cold-to-hot delta so that the valve lash will grow to .015" when the engine is hot. It is the hot valve lash that really matters.

Break-in the new cam at 2000 RPM or slight higher for 20 minutes continuously after the motor is first started with the new cam.

Detailed Specs for 931 Stage 1 Cam

We have not been able to procure all of the detailed specs for the various profiles, but these are the specs we have from the Stage 1 cams that we are running in three of our cars, as originally provided by Integral Cams:

Seat duration*: 268° / 260°
.050" duration**: 232° / 225°
Gross cam lift: .500" / .478"
Hot valve lash: .015" / .015"
Net valve lift: .485" / .463"
* with .015" hot valve lash
** with zero valve lash

Lobe separation angle = 112°

At .015" hot lash:
Intake opens 22.0° BTDC
Full intake lift at 112° ATDC
Intake closes 66.0° ABDC

At .015" hot lash:
Exhaust opens 62.0° BBDC
Full exhaust lift at 112° BTDC
Exhaust closes 18.0° ATDC

Max. RPM = 6500 with stock valve springs at sotck installed heights with stock lifters

Intake : Outer Spring : Inner Spring : Total
Valve open : 50.5 lbf @ 1.667" : 11.5 lbf @ 1.555" : 62.0 lbf
Valve closed: 196.1 lbf @ 1.182" : 36.8 lbf @ 1.070" : 232.9 lbf

Exhaust : Outer Spring : Inner Spring : Total

Valve open : 50.5 lbf @ 1.667" : 11.5 lbf @ 1.555" : 62.0 lbf
Valve closed: 188.2 lbf @ 1.204" : 35.4 lbf @ 1.092" : 181.6 lbf

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